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    In another world, Jove and Maven are residents of Dormitorya Tzara, a space I share with my good friend Krishna. In that world, Jove is a good-natured yet somewhat awkward young man who fell hard for a pink-haired rabbit girl named Ichigo. At my Doll Corner, Jove’s personality is a little different. He’s not as […]

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    Friends may come and go but friendships – true friendships – will always remain. No matter the time and distance, and in this case, the insertion of an imaginary multiverse to explain character and plot discrepancies between my doll crew then and now, can break such bonds. Ulalume Picabia, also known as Lumie, belongs to […]

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    Start Somewhere

    It took me many, many drafts before finally getting this post up. In my head, the first post is an important piece of content. It’s supposed to set the mood, the tone, the readers’ expectations. I can be meticulous to a fault, overthinking things until I am utterly stumped, and I am left with no […]